Posted by: ralphy36 | June 22, 2006

Edited to answer a question…The other day Lynn a…

Edited to answer a question…The other day Lynn asked what CATS was and I neglected to answer promptly. CATS stands for the Consumer Arts and Teaching Show and is a needlework show with classes, vendors and a shopping area. I had read about this last September when several other bloggers attended the one in Hershey, PA. It also occurs in at least two other cities through out the year. If you want more info visit So far, I know Jo, Carol, and a few other ladies will be attending. I am quite excited and I think I have convinced Allen to go with me. Maybe he will even bring his cross stitch:)

Speaking of Allen and cross stitch here is his progress on his piece. He started this quite a while ago and has stitched on it every night this week. It is a Dimensions kit of a lighthouse. I need to look for a “masculine” piece in my collection for him to work on. Here is Cooper modeling Allen’s masterpiece:)

End Edit***

Just a quick post with two pics from my progress last night. I have gotten a good bit done on White Wedding and anticipate that page three will take only a fraction of the time it took me to do page two.

I also made a good start on one of the needlebooks for my Brightneedle class. I thought we were supposed to get the first instructional email last night, but maybe I am a week ahead. I am interested to see what the online portion includes. (Sorry the pic sucks)

Tonight I am on to Celtic Winter. Hopefully I will make some progress while watching So You Think You Can Dance. I am a horrible reality addict. Last night I made poor Allen watch it. It was quite a site as he was also cross stitching at the same time:)



  1. Love the fabric for White Wedding, it looks awesome!

  2. This is really a beautiful piece Leslie!

  3. LOL… Cooper looks great on the ‘catwalk’. Way to go Allen for being a male stitcher!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, I love it when people visit my blog and give me their opinions. Your White Wedding is going to be gorgeous, as well is Celtic Winter and Woodland Fairy. I have Celtic Winter kitted up to do sometime in the future. Woodland Fairy is looking so nice I may have to add her to my projects also. :>)

  5. Thanks for the answer!

    Don’t kitties make the best showcase for wips? :o)

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your white wedding and the fabric looks amazing you are using for it.

  7. I love your display stand for Allen’s lighthouse – just gorgeous 😀

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