Posted by: ralphy36 | June 16, 2006

Here is my most recent progress on Woodland Fairy….

Here is my most recent progress on Woodland Fairy. she is really looking lovely. I can’t wait to get up to her face soon. I think I am going to work on her for July’s Stitch-a-thon on FGBB. That would help me make some great progress on it. I also have a week off the first week of July during which I plan on doing TONS of stitching.

This week, I also worked on White Wedding, but you still can’t really tell that I have made progress on page 3.

Now I am off to work on Mystery 9 for the evening and then it is Celtic Winter for the rest of the weekend. YEAH!!



  1. Great progress on Woodland Fairy, Leslie!!

  2. Woodland Fairy looks great!!!!

  3. she’s coming along nicely! well done 🙂

  4. Beautiful progress, Leslie.

  5. You’ve made a lot of progress on WF! Those colours are sooooo similar to the ones I’m using now in Adia.

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