Posted by: ralphy36 | June 12, 2006

It has been a good stitching week, but unfortunate…

It has been a good stitching week, but unfortunately I can’t show much of my progress. Earlier in the week, I was able to finish page two of White Wedding. Next week, I hope to make a large amount of progress on page three. It is the exact reverse of page one which stitched up pretty quickly. I am not sure why page two was such a pain. I am going to try and show up a pic, but blogger is being a pain tonight so I am off to photobucket for a minute. Hopefully that will work.
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Who knows why the pic is that color, but it at least gives a sense of how much I have completed. Look further down the page for the true colors if you like.

After finishing that section of White Wedding, I picked up my Friendship Exchange piece for Melanie. I was able to the stitching today and have everything I need to finish it…except Allen. Allen is my master “centerer”. Whenever I do any major finishing, I rely on him to center it for me and unfortunately he is at work all day today. He should be home at a reasonable hour tomorrow and it should be ready to go out in the mail by mid week along with my RR. YEAH for me on getting things done on time.

Also tomorrow is our second anniversary. If you ask Allen, we have actually been married almost four years. He apparently calculates from when we moved into the condo together. On Saturday, he and I went to the Melting Pot to celebrate. We had a wonderful dinner. On Friday, I also got a really sweet surprise. I got a flower delivery at work and I was quite surprised by what I found inside. Allen was very thoughtful and creative this time around. He sent me a beautiful Hawaiian lei from Maui. That is where we went on our honeymoon. Here is a pic.
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  1. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. Allen gets top points for his lei – what a lovely surprise. Maybe he could give Pete some lessons lol!

  2. White wedding is very pretty. Congratulations on your 2nd wedding anniversary. Looks like you have a very thoughtful husband! 🙂

  3. What a thoughtful anniversary gift!! Happy Anniversary to you and Allen and I hope you have many more happy years together!

  4. Awwww…he is so thoughtful!! Makes me smile and appreciate when my S/O is like that. White wedding is looking very nice…in spite of Blogger/photobucket.

  5. Aw, that was so cool of Allen! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Now that is a very cool gift. Kudos to Allen for being so creative and Happy Anniversary to you both!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    What a thoughtful gift!

  8. What a thoughtful gift – Allen definitely is a keeper! Happy anniversary to the both of you 😀

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