Posted by: ralphy36 | June 6, 2006

No pics tonight because I have been working on my …

No pics tonight because I have been working on my Friendship Exchange for Melanie. I have decided to modify the piece because I think I took on too much when I chose this piece with all that has gone on in the last month. I am loving stitching it though and Allen says it looks really nice. It will easily be done by Friday night so that I can do the finishing over the weekend.

My RR is now just about ready to be sent on to Jenn. I have organized all the GAST thread I am sending on with it, I just need to put it in a nice secure bag and find an appropriate mailing container. I will hopefully be able to ship both pieces early next week (I initially wrote Monday, but then realized that was my wedding anniversary. I don’t think I will be standing on post office lines that particular evening)

I am also very excited to note that I got my kit for the Brightneedle Lady’s Collection on-line class through Elegant Stitch. I have never finished anything quite so exotic so I am a bit nervous. Despite that, it will make a great travel stitching piece while we head out to the in-laws in the future.



  1. My kit arrived on Saturday. I’m just drooling over it at the moment and too scared to start the actual stitching!

  2. Lucky you to be doing the Brightneedle class through Elegant Stitch – what an awesome project!

    I replied to your e-mail tonight. If you need anything else, please let me know. I’m so glad you like your Hardanger Welcome!

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