Posted by: ralphy36 | May 30, 2006

Bad blogger:( I have been rather bad about my blo…

Bad blogger:(

I have been rather bad about my blogging lately. I am not quite sure. It has been a busy week at work and by the time I get home, I barely have energy to stitch. Well, school is winding down so hopefully things will be getting back to normal a bit at work.

As for the weekend, it was quite a relaxing one. Allen and I relaxed Saturday and ended the day by going out to dinner and to see the DaVinci Code. We both enjoyed the movie, but I think it helped that we had both read the book before hand. Otherwise, we might have been a bit lost. (BTW, Cooper just stopped by to purr everyone hello and ask for a belly rub! Please pardon any sloppiness as I type and pet the cat at the same time)

Sunday, poor Allen went to work and I stayed home and stitched. I worked on my Friendship Exchange, so unfortunately I cannot share pics yet. I am really enjoying the particular piece I have stitched. It is not something I would stitch for myself at this point in my life, but it is perfect for my partner. We also watched Star Trek: Nemesis…a good movie if you like Star Trek… and King of New York. Allen got it through Netflix primarily because it has Christopher Walken in it. I would not recommend renting it, even though David Caruso does get shot at the end.

Today, Allen and I got some good work done around the house. We finally moved into our master bedroom after a year of halted renovations. Our sitting area is also full of bookshelves and books are in the process of being put away. Yeah, our house is finally coming along. After that we sat down to dinner and watched Bridge over the River Kwai. A pretty good war epic if you can make it through without making Ben Kenobi/Star Wars jokes throughout the flick. After dinner I pulled out M9 and got almost done. Just a few queen stitches and I am done for May. Just in time for June’s piece:) (Okay, blogger is being mean about uploading pics and it is time to go to bed. I will share tomorrow after work)



  1. You look beautiful in your dress for your sister’s wedding! It is such a relief to have events like that over with, isn’t it? Even if they are a lot of fun… it’s nice to get life back to normal.

    Sounds like you had a nice movie/stitching weekend!!

  2. Hi Leslie, I really enjoyed the Da Vinci code movie too but was also pleased that I’d read the book first. I read somewhere the other day that Angel and Demons is going to be made into a movie now too, that will be interesting 🙂

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