Posted by: ralphy36 | May 15, 2006

So, it was a good stitching weekend… After havi…

So, it was a good stitching weekend…

After having my hair cut and highlighted Saturday morning, I was a good girl and got some good housework done. I got most of the master bedroom cleaned for the painters in the morning and then tackled the kitchen. After that I finished my book (needs to get to mom next weekend) and then got to stitching. I did about two hours on White Wedding and here is my progress so far…

After Allen got home from Saturday work, he and I had a really yummy grilled chicken and then I sat down to an evening of marathon stitching. I finished one of my two triangles on Mystery 9 and did a huge chuck of the first block on my RR. I did realise, however, that I was missing one of the GAST threads that I needed to do the walk up to my house. I had to place a quick order today to get that….oh well.

Here is an upclose of M9. The bottom triangle is this months part.

And here is my RR.

Today, I continued on these two projects and also spent some time searching for the perfect piece to stitch for my partner in the Friendship Exchange on SBEBB. I think I have come up with a good choice for Melanie. Now it is time to find the right fabric and kit it up. Hopefully she will like it.
Now it is time to go sleepy. In the morning, I will be doing some kitty wrangling because the painters will be in the house. Hopefully I will survive the wrangling unscathed:) Cooper is wriggly and Zoe turns into a tornado with claws.



  1. `Hi Leslie, thanks for dropping by. It’s the four season’s is the theme and will enclosed the pattern. Hope to finish it by next week, this week i have to do some cards and another rr. Your piece is coming along great.

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