Posted by: ralphy36 | May 2, 2006

April recap and May goals April recap 1. Finish …

April recap and May goals

April recap
1. Finish Lady-accomplished
2. Start second half of Woodland Fairy-accomplished
3. Finish page 2 of White Wedding-almost
4. Finish part 4 of Mystery 9-accomplished
5. Finish Beginner’s Exchange-accomplished
6. Finish Lilies-nope
7. Stitch on Butterfly Rest-Nope
8. Finish Four Little Hearts-YES!!

May Goals
1. Finish Celtic Winter
2. Finish page 2 of White Wedding
3. Work on Woodland Fairy
4. Finish Part 5 of Mystery 9
5. Finish my part of my RR
6. Work on Lilies
7. Work on Butterfly Rest
8. Complete Friendship exchange

And here is my stitching progress from the weekend…

I did get the GAST threads that I needed for my Round Robin and got started on it Saturday. I am stitching the Summer house sampler by Lizzie Kate. Here is the most recent pic…I have done a bit more on the roof though.

I also worked some on White Wedding on Saturday. I should be done with page two by the end of the week…finally. Of course I forgot to take a pic of it.

Then yesterday and today I worked on Woodland Fairy. Her wings are going to look so pretty. I love the colors of krenik that were used. With the green I added on the right I am only about thirty stitches from the top of the chart.



  1. Looks like you made some good progress in April. I will be watching your “Celtic Winter” in May. It has been inspiring me to keep working on “Celtic Spring.” 🙂

  2. you did great on your goals and your progresses look awesome.

  3. Wow, that is pretty good progress you made for April – kudos to you!

  4. Your Woodland Fairy is coming along great, very pretty. You did great in making your April goals.
    Congrats, CJ

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