Posted by: ralphy36 | April 14, 2006

I love extra days off:) Yesterday, I didn’t make i…

I love extra days off:) Yesterday, I didn’t make it to see my sister(Yucky traffic) and today I had a doctors appointment. Other than that, I got a ton of stitching done. I worked on both Celtic Winter and White Wedding. I made good progress on both:) Here they are…

Today, we also had a couple of paint companies come out and give us estimates on having our master bedroom painted…finally!!! Looks like we have made a decision on the painters, now just to decide on the color. Hopefully that won’t take us another year:) So off I am first thing tomorrow morning to the nearest Sherwin-Williams store to pick up some paint samplers. The store is kind of far away, but fortunately it is right down the street from an outlet mall so I will be doing some shopping for spring clothes and a dress for the rehersal dinner before Becca’s wedding.

Then it is back home to get in some good stitching time before back on the road to pick up Allen. We are meeting my parents downtown to see Billy Joel at the Verizon Center. I am very excited. I have seen Billy Joel on several occasions, on solo tours and with Elton John, and they are always fun.

Saturday will be full of heaps of fun, except that I have to get up early. First thing, I am off to have a preliminary make up session in prep for the wedding. Next, to Becca’s house to drop of her wedding dress which I picked up. Then lunch and an afternoon of stitching with Jo. Tomorrow I need to pick out which projects I am going to bring. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t rain, I should come home to a new dining room set. I am very excited:)



  1. All of your stitching looks fantastic, Leslie! I like your 8 corner pillow. Celtic Winter looks wonderful…I really must get this chart so I have the entire set.

  2. You’re going to see Billy Joel??!! – I’m so jealous lol!!!!

  3. Yay! I will soon see a head on CW!!

    I am so jealous of you right now – Billy Joel puts on super cool concerts!

  4. Your WIP’s are coming along beautifully – way to go! And you lucky thing going to Billy Joel … I saw him in concert with Elton John years ago, and loved it! You’re gonna have a blast! 😀

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