Posted by: ralphy36 | April 7, 2006

I haven’t done a This week’s questions were su…

I haven’t done a

This week’s questions were suggested by Kim.

1. Do you have a favorite character(s)? My favorite character of all time is Brother Cadfael
2. What book/author is he/she/it from? Brother Cadefael was in a series of 20 full length historical mysteries and one set of short stories by Ellis Peter (Edith Pargeter). He was a 12th century monk and former crusader. All the mysteries were set during the English civil war between King Stephen and Empress Maud.
3. Why do you like this person–what is it about the way he/she was written that drew you to them? I really loved Brother Cadfael’s cleverness and worldliness within the monastic world. He his own sense of spirituality, out of the norm of the monastic world, but was still able to make a home for himself as a monk.
4. Is there something more you would like the author to tell you about them? If Ellis Peters were still alive and writing Brother Cadfael books, I would want to no more about his son from when he was on crusade and see that relationship developed more:)

And now, my second spring exchange made its way safely to Berlin and Gosia:) Here it is…it is a freebie from Erica Michaels and Rainbow Gallery. I finished into a pinkeep. This and my other spring exchange were my first attempt at pin keeps.

Also, does any one have finishing instructions for stitched books such as you might do for alphabet charts or monthly charts (ie a book were each page has a letter or month on it).? Erica Michaels has freebie letter charts releasing over the next two years with the idea that they would all be finished into a book. I am thinking about doing that with the mini-kats months by Calico Crossroads, but I don’t think I can wait until next year to get Erica’s free finishing instructions:)



  1. Try checking Ellen Maurer-Stroh’s instructions for finishing her baby book. Maybe that will help?

  2. You did a great job with both exchanges, Leslie 🙂 Congratulations!!

  3. You did a great job on your spring exchanges Leslie!

  4. Cute exchanges Leslie! I have a SANQ magazine with a stitched book in it. Remind me to dig it out for you on Saturday to have a look at.

  5. what a lovely exchange Leslie, aren’t the Erica Michaels freebies great? 🙂

  6. Hey Leslie.
    I just e-mailed Mary at M-designs and got a response from her after about 3 days or so. The e-mail is on their site, and they also have a form that you can fill out to order from.
    I hope it works out for you. Those trees are so much fun!

  7. What a great exchange – your pinkeep came out really well 😀 Sorry, but I can’t help with the book instructions 😦

  8. Excellent answer! I have not read many of the books – did see some of the episodes on pbs. The book I finished up (Labyrinth) had a story line from the Crusades & present. Historic fiction is interesting when well written. (I signed up for the question & cannot narrow down to one character)

    Lovely exchange. Your first try? Looks very nice. Good Luck finding some finishing instructions. I’m not sure how they are done.

  9. Brother Cadafael, the first pharamcist…well sorta…. interesting to note that nuns of the time spent much of thier time doing needlework…whilst the poormonks had to copy scripture,which they couldn’t read..because they often couldn’t read

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