Posted by: ralphy36 | April 2, 2006

Happy Saturday!! (Photo happy too) Today was gene…

Happy Saturday!! (Photo happy too)

Today was generally a pleasant day. The only thing that sucked was that Allen had to work most of the day. While he was out, I did some good cleaning and then got to work on Mystery 9. I finished one of the two triangles that we were given. On the second triangle, I only have to fill in with yellow and do the specialty stitches for the pretty veggies. I should be able to finish quickly tomorrow and still have time to work on my lilies:)
Here is the whole thing so you can see which triangles I am filling in this month.

And here is a close up of the triangle I finished.

The last two days have been good on the exchange front. My Spring Fling Exchange on the Exchange Place BB made it to its destination at Joanne‘s house. I made her a cute little pinkeep…my first attempt and I think it turned out well.

Then this afternoon, there was a package on the door step. I am glad I actually used the front door today, or it would have been a while before I noticed it. The mailman did not ring the bell or leave a note in the mailbox like usual. Juanita made me a beautiful pillow using fabric of my favorit color, lavender. She also included a pattern and a few small cuts of pretty colored fabric. Thanks so much, Juanita, I love it. I think that it is funny that two out of the four participants in this particular spring exchange lived within fifteen miles of each other. We could have met somewhere in the middle:)

Now off to watch another movie with my hubby!!!



  1. Your chatelaine looks lovely. So does your pinkeep and your lovely exchange piece too.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Almost there with M9 already – isn’t it great??!!

  3. Great job on the pinkeep! It all looks wonderful. 🙂

  4. Great job on Mystery IX!! Your pinkeep is lovely as is your exchange:)

  5. Mystery 9 is looking fabulous!! I *love* the colours in your pinkeep… very cute!!

  6. Your Mystery IX is looking good.

    I love the pinkeep you stitched and your exchange you received is lovely too. Enjoy all your goodies!

  7. Great work on your mystery piece. The exchange piece you stithed was very cute and the one you received was also lovely. Happy Stitching, CJ

  8. Your exchange gifts – sent AND received – are lovely, Leslie 🙂

    You’re making great progress on the Chatelaine Mystery as well – congratulations!

  9. Both your exchanges look awesome – both the one you made, and the one you received 🙂 Way to go!! 😀

  10. WOOT! Beautiful exchanges! The pinkeep you made is wonderful — as is the pillow you received. Job well done : )

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