Posted by: ralphy36 | March 29, 2006

Today I finally got off my butt and spent some qua…

Today I finally got off my butt and spent some quality time with the wedding sampler I am stitching for my sister. I had been a bit reluctant to work on it due to the huge amount of frogging I had to do the last time I worked on it. Tonight was a much better experience. I was able to restitch all I had frogged and then some. Here it is so far..

A small package did arrive from ABC Stitch yesterday. It was just some nice piecemaker needles and some white silk for the wedding sampler. Despite being a small package, it was a nice surprise because I had completely forgotten about it. I do have another package coming from them that should arrive soon. Hopefully it will be in the box after my long day at work tomorrow. Stitching Bits and Bobs is also processing an order for me. OOOHHHH I can’t wait.



  1. Hi Leslie – your sampler looks great! Congrats on the surprise stash (so to speak!!) LOL I am so glad you have decided to do Bordeaux Mystery Sampler! I can’t wait to see it on the Magnolia linen.

  2. It’s always so wonderful to wait for the packages of stash! It sounds like you got some nice goodies. 🙂

  3. It looks great! Glad the frog left you alone last night. 🙂

  4. you wedding sampler looks really intricate! well done on your progress.

  5. Discovered your blog. The wedding sampler is beautiful. I will be back to see your progress!

  6. Hi Leslie – you are correct in your comments to Karen re: Mystery 9…. the quarter stitches around the turnips are Baby Corn, not beads…. I finished mine last night and that is definitely correct, they provide the shaping around the triangular shapes of the turnips 🙂 Good eye!!

  7. The wedding sampler is looking really pretty Leslie – congratulations on your progress 🙂

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