Posted by: ralphy36 | March 25, 2006

MIA, but back again… Wow it has been a while s…

MIA, but back again…

Wow it has been a while since my last post. I have been a bit under the weather the last few days with an icky head cold. After getting home from work, I wasn’t up for much of anything…not even stitching (Allen gasps). Today I was finally feeling up to stitching in the evening so I pulled out Celtic Winter. I did more on her white puff thingy and a bit more on the left hand border. I am sorry to have to put her away for a while, but tomorrow I have to finish packing up my spring exchanges , finish the last 30 minutes of stitching/beading on Mystery 9 for the month and then I would like to put a few hours in on Woodland Fairy since I didn’t play with her on Monday. Well, here is CW as of 10 pm this evening:)

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good stitching day and a good stash day too. I am expecting a few packages and just opened some pretty fabrics from Silkweaver. I will post pics of them tomorrow:)



  1. CW is looking wonderful! I’m glad you are feeling better. Have fun stash shopping. 🙂

  2. Celtic Winter looks great. I hope your Silkweaver pacakage arrives on time. Luck girl:)

  3. Hi Leslie!
    I am sorry to hear you are under the weather 😦 I woke up yesterday morning and my allergies were full blown-so needless to say I am not feeling that great-pollen is everywhere and it has really messed with my allergies!
    I hope we both 100% really soon!!

    CW is coming along very nice! Keep up the good work!!

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