Posted by: ralphy36 | March 20, 2006

Stitch-a-thon weekend… My goal this weekend was…

Stitch-a-thon weekend…

My goal this weekend was to finish part three of Mystery 9. I didn’t quite make it, but I came close. I just have a tiny bit of stitching and half of the beading on this section left to do. I did however, get to just about finished with my second spring exchange. I should be able to get both done real quick on Friday night:) That will leave me Saturday to finish my final Spring Exchange and get them ready to mail the following Monday or so. I also plan to do a bunch of stitching on either Celtic Winter, Woodland Fairy….or both. It all depends on whether or not MIL comes up. We shall see. Here is M9 so far…

And an upclose of one of the completed sides, with beads…

On a fun note, I went out to dinner with mom and my little sister tonight. We also went shoe shopping. Mom needed shoes for Becca’s wedding in May. After chatting with the two of them tonight reminded me of how much work goes into a wedding. I cannot even imagine how busy this has kept Bec…her wedding is almost twice the size of mine. Allen and I both have small families…not the case with the upcoming wedding:) It will be a blast though!

Well, reluctantly off to bed to get a good night sleep before tomorrow’s early morning IEP meeting-YUCK!!



  1. Looks done from what I can see – so you must be oh so close! Congratulations!!

  2. It looks great!

  3. Mystery IX is looking great. I am really enjoying this one too. I love the mysteries. I find that when the next part comes each month it is more exciting than the classes as you have no idea what you will get.

  4. Mystery 9 is looking beautiful!!

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