Posted by: ralphy36 | March 7, 2006

Well, aparently I had a counting disorder last nig…

Well, aparently I had a counting disorder last night. I attempted to finish the second set of triangles on my Mystery 9, but I was completely unable to count and had to frog several times. Yuck!! So I put it away for the week…hopefully next weekend will be better:) I was able to finish one of my two spring exchanges last night and make a good start on the second one.

Tonight, Woodland Fairy came back out after a few weeks of neglect. I finished all of the skirt on the left side. As long as I don’t have any more icky Monday evenings, I should be able to finish the first half this month…YAY!!! Here is my progress so far.

Tomorrow night, I struggle between whether to watch American Idol or NCIS live. I think it may be time to get another TIVO. AAHHH I am an addict! The vcr is just so slow to rewind and fast forward. While watching, White Wedding will make a presence on the stand.



  1. What did you watch? NCIS was good!!!

  2. Woodland Fairy is coming along awesome!

  3. Gosh! I hate it when I have to frog! WF is coming along wonderful!

  4. Your WF is growing really quickly – she’s looking great already! šŸ˜€

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