Posted by: ralphy36 | February 28, 2006

Goal Update and a White Wedding… So here is wh…

Goal Update and a White Wedding…

So here is where I finished up with my February Goals…
February Goals:
1. Finish skirt on Celtic Winter-mostly, only about a half inch square left
2. Continue stitching on Woodland Fairy-yes, but not much
3. Complete a second page of White Wedding-no, but I did stitch on it
4. Stitch on Olde World Map-temporarily a UFO until I finish White Wedding which is a bigger priority
5. Stitch on Lilies-yes, it actually looks like a lily now
6. Finish through part 2 of Mystery IX-Yup!!
7. Start stitching on one spring exchange.-75% done with one:)
Plus I finished an ornament in the 24 hour challenge and almost finished one corner of Butterfly rest.

And now on to March:
1. Fi
nish one of the side borders of Celtic Winter
2. Finish the first half of Woodland Fairy (I mean it this time!!!)
3. Finish page 2 of White Wedding

4. Finish part 4 of Mystery IX
5. Finish two spring exchanges
6. Stitch on my lilies
7. Stitch on Butterfly Rest

Here is a pic of white wedding on Tuesday night…just the middle bottom page

And a pic of Zoe getting back at daddy for sticking her under the covers….she is putting her fur ALL over his pillow:)

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