Posted by: ralphy36 | February 25, 2006

My Olympic potential and a meme… Here is my ide…

My Olympic potential and a meme…

Here is my ideal sport for the Olympics…I am not surprised by what the questionnaire generated:)

You Are Curling

What you lack in athleticism, you make up for in concentration.
And while curling isn’t much more of a sport than bowling, you *can* win a gold medal for it!

And here is this weeks Blogging through Thursday…
Collecting authors
Today’s questions were suggested by Cate.

1. Are you currently collecting any authors? Why?I guess this is a bit of an understatement for me. I collect many historical mystery authors including Ellis Peters, PC Doherty, Peter Tremayne, Susanna Gregory, Lindsay Davis….(also Harry Potter:))
2. Do you have all of their books? If not, why not? For some of these authors I have all that they have published to this date (at least between my mom and I) Other authors, like PC Doherty, I only have some because they can be hard to find in the US. If I really enjoy an author, I would love to be able to have all in their series. I tend to want to keep them all instead of donating or selling them because they were sometimes so hard to find.
3. Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? I typically buy as they are released or piecemeal in the case of older books in the series.
4. Have you actually read all the collection? If not, why not? I have read all 20 Brother Cadfael books by Ellis Peters, but have not seen any but one in the last few years (where are you Brother Cadfael…did you get lost in the move???) I have also read an entire series up to the current release by the following authors….Susanna Gregory and Kathy Lynn Emerson. I am close to current with series by Peter Tremayne, Steven Saylor, Margaret Frazier, Sharan Newman and others.

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