Posted by: ralphy36 | February 11, 2006

Snow… And just when I thought the weather man w…


And just when I thought the weather man was going to be wrong again, it started to snow. It was supposed to start snowing this morning, but it didn’t really get going in our area until about 3 in the afternoon. Now it has really picked up and is starting to stick to the road. I guess we will be shoveling the driveway in the morning:)

Despite the fact that it wasn’t really snowing today…Allen decreed that it was a snow day and we were just going to relax. (I did do the dishes though). So I got out my books of floss and my JCS ornament magazines and went hunting for something to work on for the 24 hour challenge on the Friends Gather BB. I finally decided on Woodland Snowfall by Little House Needleworks from 2003. I am about a third of the way through and hopefully will have a finished pic for tomorrow.

Earlier today, I also spent some time working on White Wedding. On Thursday, I finished page 1 and moved on to a row motif that went across the middle of page 2. Since I didn’t finish it Thursday, I decided to finish it today. Since May is right around the corner, I think I am going to replace Olde World Map with this one at least every other Tuesday so that I know I will get it done. (BTW, Cooper says hi to everyone and gave my computer a big old kiss:))

Last night I only worked a little bit on my Butterfly Night. I progressed a little bit more on the big blue triangle of doom. It is a lot less intimidating than when I stitched the companion piece. I am hoping to finish this triangle next Friday night.

And now for a meme:

Vacation reading

  1. How many books do you usually take with you on vacation? Too many? Too few? Do you still have room to pack clothes? I usually take too many books when I go on vacation, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Especially if I am going somewhere where I might not find a bookstore. I love to read on the beach (our primary vacation choice) so I need to have plenty.
  2. What kind of books do you read on vacation? I usually bring light mysteries with me when we go away. It is usually more practical to bring a small paperback mystery than some of my other hardbound books. It is also vacation and although I enjoy reading history books, it is still vacation. I did read I, Claudius in the Bahamas a few years ago…not exactly light reading:)
  3. Do you read the same kind of books when you’re on vacation as when you’re at home? For the most part it is the same stuff. I like to know that when I am on vacation I have things I know I will enjoy so I tend to bring authors I know.


  1. What a great hubby to declare snow days just for you. Happy Stitching CJ

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