Posted by: ralphy36 | February 9, 2006

More work on Celtic Winter… I got a bit more of…

More work on Celtic Winter…

I got a bit more of the white done in the swirls in the bottom of her skirt tonight. I think I might try and put in an extra hour or so this weekend since I am caught up on my mystery. Hopefully I can catch up a bit with Carol and Becky. I also need to pick an ornament to stitch this weekend in the 24 hour challenge.

Tomorrow it is on to White Wedding…


  1. This is a gorgeous piece, it really is coming along nicely. Happy Stitching

  2. She is lovely, I love those swirls 🙂

  3. The sparkles really show well in your picture. She looks lovely. I finally started the Butterfly Fairy— sorry for the delay.

  4. Lovely!! We’re going to have to get together some time soon so I can see all your lovely projects in person.

  5. You’re doing a great job with that dress. It looks gorgeous

  6. She looks great!

  7. She looks amazing! I love your choice of fabric.

  8. Hi Leslie – Your CW continues to look wonderful – I love your fabric 🙂

  9. Your CW is coming along very nicely! Keep up your wonderful work!

  10. This is looking very pretty Leslie – congratulations!

  11. It’s looking lovely, Leslie 🙂
    We will STILL be here to cheer you on even if we finish ahead of you 🙂 I know Carol is VERY close to a finish. I hope I won’t be too far behind. I so enjoy stitching on her. I HOPE I enjoy the border as much 🙂

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