Posted by: ralphy36 | January 15, 2006

It has been a long, but enjoyable day. Allen and …

It has been a long, but enjoyable day. Allen and I got up at 9 am (early for us on a Saturday) and headed up to Maryland to pick up my parents. The four of us had Red, Hot and Blue (Memphis barbeque) for lunch before heading into DC to the National Theater to see Les Miserables. It was an amazing performance. This is the last time it will ever play in DC and I am really glad we got to go. After the show we trudged back to the metro in the strong wind and flurries. We ate dinner and headed back to Virginia.
On the way home, Allen and I pondered whether or not the power would be on at home considering the strong winds. The question was partially answered when we hit town and instead of being blinded by store lights, we were met with complete darkness. The only lights were the flares set up by cops who were directing traffic at the lights. Fortunately for us, it was only the east end of town that was dark so Best Buy and our house were lit.

I then had the pleasure of spending an hour with Allen in Best Buy looking for an extra harddrive for his computer. Now it is almost 11 and we are home shooting zombies. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am mentally up to stitching, so Mystery Ix and my valentine exchange will have to wait til tomorrow.

Carol-White Wedding is by Ellen Maurer-Stoh. It really is a pretty piece and my sister loved it. Blogger is being a pain about loading pics, but I did add one of the final piece to my webshots album if you click on the White Wedding link in my rotation list above:

Anne-A hypnotini is a martini made with 1 part Hypnotiq (a grapefruit/citrus flavored liquor), 1 part vodka and pineapple to taste(about 1part) Allen also sometimes adds coconut rum to mine. They are yummy, but are a bit funny colored with the bright blue liqour mixed with the juice. Looks a bit like antifreeze:)



  1. Thanks for the link!! White Wedding is super pretty!

  2. OK, yup, a Hypnotini sounds like my kind of drink 😉 Sounds scrummy!! Dad made up a cocktail, which is beautiful, but it looks like methylated spirits … I learnt very early on not to judge a drink by its colour 😉 LOL.

  3. You have been a stitching machine lately! Do you think it would be okay if I did the emerging butterfly for the SAL with you? I have no idea when I’ll be able to get nice fabric for the night one and I know I have something I can use for the emerging one. I feel like I keep putting the start off, and I don’t want to wait (but I will if you would rather I do the same one as you like I said I would).

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