Posted by: ralphy36 | December 30, 2005

My goals for 2006 Since I am using today to work …

My goals for 2006

Since I am using today to work on my garden exchange piece and will not have any progress pics, I thought I would use today’s post to share my goals for 2006. I will continue to update these over the year as I have finishes or add some small projects to the list. So here they are…

2006 Goals

Current rotation goals:

-Finish Celtic Winter

-Finish Woodland Fairy

-Finish White Wedding by mid April

-Complete at least ½ of Olde World Map

-Finish one section of Mystery IX each month

-Complete ½ of Butterfly Rest

-Finish Lilies as part of Magazine Mania SAL

Projects to add as slots open in Rotation

  1. Fairy Christmas-Mirabilia
  2. Forest Goddess-Mirabilia
  3. Earth Angel-L&L
  4. Greek Temple-small from Cross Stitch Collection
  5. Bunny Battle-Arelate Studios
  6. Feline Queen-Art Stitch
  7. Wisteria Fairy-Blac Swan in The Stitchery Magazine
  8. In Cupid’s Garden-Mirabilia freebie
  9. Chat Noir-Stitcher’s World
  10. A Hawaiian Wedding Sampler for Allen and I
  11. Spindrift Cottage-from Cross Stitch Collection

And here are my…

January Goals:

  1. Continue stitching on Celtic Winter
  2. Continue stitching on Woodland Fairy
  3. Continue stitching on White Wedding
  4. Continue stitching on Olde World Map
  5. Start Butterfly at Rest
  6. Stitch first section on Mystery IX
  7. Start Lilies for Magazine Mania SAL on FGBB
  8. Stitch Valentine’s exchange for SBEBB
  9. Post Garden Exchange 1/9/06


  1. Very impressive goal list – and I bet you can even do it! Happy New Year!

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