Posted by: ralphy36 | December 23, 2005

Foiled again… I was hoping to have some pretty …

Foiled again…

I was hoping to have some pretty pics of stash to show you, but the mailman is just not cooperating with me. I usually get my FOTM from Silkweaver by the Tuesday after they ship it, but now it is Thursday and I still haven’t gotten it. I also ordered some stuff from Stitching Bits and Bobs that I hoped (a bit unrealistically) would be here by now. I know it is Christmas and all, but our mail has be extrodinarily sparse since late last week. Even the volume of junk mail has decreased significantly. Usually I pull 10-12 items out of the mailbox each afternoon….today all that was in there was one of those “Have you seen me…” flyers. I think that I should put another flag on the opposite side of my mailbox from the mail out flag that the mailman will raise when there is worthwhile mail (ie. Stash) in there so I don’t get my hopes up just to be disappointed when I open the little door.

Well, enough complaining….i am very proud of myself. I finished the final letter and date on Rob and Elana’s wedding sampler after work today. I will be framing it, along with finishing two more ornaments on my day off tomorrow. I also started on the White Wedding Sampler for my sister Becca. I love the Dusty Blue Cashel linen from Silkweaver that I picked for it. It is so lovely. I will post pics tomorrow before heading off to our neighbors Holiday party;)



  1. It seems like stuff always arrives the second you stop looking for it. When I have several things that I’m waiting on, I usually end up getting them on the same day. Can’t the mail man spread it out a bit?

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