Posted by: ralphy36 | December 12, 2005

Yeah Here is my first finished Christmas ornament…

Yeah Here is my first finished Christmas ornament. I finished it yesterday along with finishing all but the names on Rob’s wedding sampler and starting my third Christmas ornament. Got a lot of stitching done yesterday, but no housework. Oh well. I will be setting aside a lot of time over winter break to get some of that pesky organizing done.

Stitched on yesterday: Wedding sampler and Christmas Tree ornament by Twisted Oaks from JCS 2005



  1. Congratulations, Leslie 🙂
    You did a good job with the finishing 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Very cute! I like this one very much.

  3. Oooo, that is a cute ornament – I am not sure I have ever seen it before – just adore the colors in it! You know the saying, Stiching forever, housework whenever, or something like that 🙂 Or is it, Only dull women have immaculate houses?? LOL

  4. Love the ornament! Don’t worry about the house, just invest in a feather duster and occasionally flip the dust to the floor, it will blend in better there and no one will realize anything’s amiss hehehe

  5. Aw it’s so cute!! Great finishing too!

  6. That is a lovely Christmas ornament it will look great on the tree. I meant to do some ornaments this year but never got around to it!

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