Posted by: ralphy36 | December 10, 2005

Celtic Winter Progress Here is a pic of my recen…

Celtic Winter Progress

Here is a pic of my recent progress on Celtic Winter. I think that I am going to pic an night during the week to work on this one…either Wednesday or Thursday. That way I will always get at least 8 hours a month done on her. I need a way to keep up with everyone else:)

Now back to being a good girl for a few days. I need to finish Rob and Elana’s wedding sampler and have one more ornament to stitch. I picked up some backing fabric and nice cording to finish those this week as well. I also finally got around to buying my own glue gun and some curved quilting needles to help with all this finishing. Allen is going to help me cut some card board for the ornaments.

Stitched on today: wedding sampler
Exercise: 20 minutes Denise Austin Personal Trainer Aerobics, plus 10 minutes Denise Austin Upper Body and 10 minutes Abs



  1. It’s looking beautiful, Leslie 🙂
    Carol and I are stitching our CL’s on Wednesday’s, if you want to join us 🙂 Carol is a great motivator 🙂

  2. Your CW looks wonderful! Becky and I are working on ours on Wednesday nights – want to join us? We can all keep each other motivated! Ha! I just noticed Becky left you the same suggestion (I can see her comment above this box – funny!!)

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