Posted by: ralphy36 | December 9, 2005

Again the ultimate question around the office is "…

Again the ultimate question around the office is “will it snow?” AAAHHH the joy of working for the school system. I am a 12 month employee so I only get off if it is really really bad out. All the teachers and other 10 month staff are probably at home right now doing a snow dance and turning their pajamas inside out.

Last night I stitched on the weddign sampler I want to finish by the holidays. Just the top band and the names left to stitch and then time to grab Allen to help me frame it. He is better at centering things then I am. So far tonight I have had fun building a fire in the fireplace and spent a little over 30 minutes stitching on Celtic Winter. In a little while I will be good and do my 30 minutes on the bike and then back to CW for the rest of the evening while I watch Survivor and CSI if it is new.

Here is today’s Booking Through Thursday:

Wish list

Jeanne thought that it might be nice to have something a little simpler for a change, and I have to agree. Thanks for your suggestions, Jeanne!

  1. What’s on your book/reading wish list? Too many to list. There are a bunch of biographies and mysteries by Bernard Knight, Lindsay Davis, PC Doherty….I could go on and on.
  2. What books are you giving this year? I am not getting anyone any books this year for the holidays. I bought my sister the Chronicles of Narnia for her birthday in August. This time of year, mom and I also check out what new historical mysteries are coming out and arrange who will by what. Then when we have read what we bought, we swap. It is cool that we read alot of the same authors.

Stitched on today: Celtic Winter
Exercise: 30 minutes bike



  1. Hi Leslie 🙂
    I would love to see a progress update of CW 🙂
    Good luck with the wedding sampler 🙂

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