Posted by: ralphy36 | December 5, 2005

Yeah…Its here!! Just a quick post as I want to …

Yeah…Its here!!

Just a quick post as I want to get back to stitching and my laptop battery is dying since my power cable shorted this afternoon. Stupid computer.

I am very happy because the tryout pattern for Chatelaine Mystery IX came out this morning. It is the King’s Vegetable Garden and it is beautiful. I started stitching the border and will probably work on that for the rest of the evening. So much for my other pieces for now;) I did do some work on my garden exchange earlier so I don’t feel so bad. Although one section of the piece was giving me fits. Oh well. Hopefully I will have some nice progress on the mystery tryout and I will post a picture. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! (It was cold here and it even snowed a little on Saturday night. It was neat to go out to get wood to find it covered in a nice dusting!!)



  1. I completely missed that dusting you got. I think we got mostly sleet. But we’re maybe getting more snow today and tomorrow? DC weathermen are never right, so you can’t ever be sure. lol.

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