Posted by: ralphy36 | December 1, 2005

Back to work… Well it is back to work for me fo…

Back to work…

Well it is back to work for me for one day tomorrow after taking care of Allen for the last week (still have to take him for his follow up in Baltimore on Friday). After not having groups last week due to the holiday, I couldn’t justify missing them again when Allen seems mostly capable of taking care of himself. Needless to say I will be calling to check in very frequently. I will probably annoy the heck out him in the process…YEAH!!

Today I was able to get Allen out of the house a bit. We picked up a lab request and then went to the lab to have Allen’s calcium levels checked. Hopefully we can solve this problem. Then we had a nice lunch at Olive Garden before heading home. Instead of spending my afternoon cleaning like I should have, I spent it stitching and watching mindless TV. Allen made me watch some silly (It really was Allen!!) anime show about a car racing tofu delivery boy. Very strange. Then we watched the Family Guy “movie” that came out recently. It was quite amusing.

While watching TV, I spent some quality time on Olde World Map. I am almost done with the border area on the top right quarter of the piece. I also completed the outline of the globe in that quadrant. As I have extra of each color from the border, I am using it to begin to stitch bits of the motifs in that area. Tonight I added what will eventually be a camel’s head. Right now it looks like a blob of camel colored stitching. I will post my progress tomorrow. I also got to about 25% done on my garden exchange piece. It is stiching up beautifully and quickly. We definitly stitch one for myself…especially since I have enough of the fabric left over to do a second one. Yeah!!

Stitched on today: Olde World Map and Garden Exchange
Exercise: 30 minutes on the recumbent bike:)



  1. I hope your DH feels better soon!!! Ouch!

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