Posted by: ralphy36 | November 29, 2005

Finally some good pictures…. I was able to fin…

Finally some good pictures….

I was able to finally get the lighting right to get some good pictures of the ornaments that I have stitched over the last few days. On the left is A Little Gift by Little By Little and on the right is a better picture of Joy Tree. I don’t know why that piece didn’t like the camera flash. I am pleased with how they both turned out.

After finishing A Little Gift, I worked some more on the wedding sampler, Olde World Map and on my garden themed exchange. I really like the piece I picked to stitch for that exchange. I will probably have to stitch it for myself too one day.

Now to wrap up my November goals:
Goals for November-i am attempting to be a bit more specific this month.
1. Complete 50% of Woodland Fairy-Stitched on it for a few hours in November, but didn’t finish 50%
2. Stitch ten hours on Celtic Winter-Yes and then some…got a ton of goldwork done
3. Stitch ten hours on Olde World Map-Only about 2 hours done
4. Complete 75% of the wedding sampler-Yes. Looking really good!
5. Stitch five hours on Dreaming of Tuscany-No, I just can’t motivate to start this one. Going to be a UFO for a while I think.
6. Stitch three Christmas ornaments-Got two done.
7. Pick a pattern for garden exchange and begin stitching-Goal achieved.

Here are my December goals:
1. Complete border and globe outline on page one of Olde World Map
2. Stitch one more ornament and finish them
3. Get to 50% on Woodland Fairy
4. Stitch at least 10 hours on Celtic Winter
5. Finish garden exchange and get it ready to mail
6. Finish wedding sampler for Rob and Elana
7. Mentally prepare for all the stitching I committed myself to in the new year:)


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