Posted by: ralphy36 | November 19, 2005

Celtic Winter Progress… Here is my progress at…

Celtic Winter Progress…

Here is my progress at a little over thirty hours on CW. I was able to finish all the gold work up the front of her skirt. It looks beautiful. I also think that I have completed the hardest part of the project. Definitely using only using one strand of PTB no matter what the pattern calls for.

Thursday was a little stash day. In the mail, I got a custom piece of Silkweaver Porcelain Linen to eventually do Celtic Banner by Butternut Road. I tried to take a pic of it, but the light color just wouldn’t show up. Here is the image from Silweaver. I also picked up cuts of Sterling Silver and Fern Linen. I hope that one of them will be perfect for the White Wedding Sampler by Ellen Maurer-Stoh that I will be doing for my little sister and her fiance. I can’t believe they are getting married in a little over six months. Boy time flies.

This weekend I plan to try and get at least to the 75% mark on the wedding sampler for Rob and Elana. I want to finish that so I can frame it for a Holiday gift for them. I will also be kitting up three ornaments from JCS ornament mag 2005 and my garden theme exchange piece. I will be working on these at the hospital Wednesday and Thursday while Allen is either in surgery or heavily medicated. I definitely want to be there whenever he wakes up, but I will have to have plenty to do or the docs will have to find something to give me too. Hopefully I will have some pics for when we get back from Johns Hopkins on Thursday afternoon.



  1. CW is looking great!

  2. CW looks awesome Leslie. You are the first person I’ve seen start at the bottom and you’re right, I think you have done the hardest part already.

    I hope all goes well for your hubby’s surgery. I’ll be thinking of you both this week.

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