Posted by: ralphy36 | November 12, 2005

Thank goodness that week is over… It was only a…

Thank goodness that week is over…

It was only a three day school week, but the kids did their best to make up for it and man was I beat by Friday afternoon. Need to get some chores done today, but then I get to go out to dinner with some old friends tonight, relax during the day tomorrow and then off to an early Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner with my family tomorrow night. Since Allen is having his surgery the day before Thanksgiving, we won’t be able to visit anyone, or see my dad on his birthday. Should be a good weekend.

I have also gotten some good progress done on CW…Here is my progress so far. I have three more hours to work on her before I have to move on to other goals. Hopefully, I will finish those goals and I can do more stitching on her this month.

Stolen from Bunny’s Blog who stole it elsewhere:

10 Favorites

Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Time: Evening
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Actor: Derek Jacobi
Favorite Actress: No idea
Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Favorite Place: My home.

9 Currents

Current Feeling: Congested
Current Underwear Color: Blue
Current Windows Open: My blog, my email, ABC Stitch Therapy, Photo manager
Current Drink: Apple Cider
Current Time: 10:10AM
Current Mobile(s) Used: T-Moble
Current Show on TV: Crusades on History Channel
Current Thought: AAAHHH…too much to do today
Current Clothes: PJs

8 Firsts

First Nickname:I don’t really have a nickname that people use regularly. My sister periodically calls me Les, but not often.
First Kiss: Jon when I was 12.
First Crush: Martin (initially when I was about 8, but then again in high school. He and I were friends for a long time).
First Best Friend: My husband Allen.
First Vehicle I drove: My parent’s silver Voyager mini van
First Job: As a teacher’s assistant in a local preschool summer program
First Movie: First on I remember is Return of the Jedi
First Pet: Lucky the dog when we lived in Georgia
First Shave: Can’t remember

7 Lasts

Last Drink: Apple Cider
Last Kiss: Non-human…Zoe gave me a kiss this morning, Human…Allen
Last Time: I defer to my husband on this one…
Last Time Shaved: Couple of days ago
Last website visited: ABC Stitch Therapy

Last Movie Watched: Butterfly Effect
Last Pill I Had: Ibuprophen

6 Have You Evers

Have You Ever Broken the Law: Yes, but not for anything major.
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Yes.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: Yes, I think I have.
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: No.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes.
Have You Ever Broken Anyones Heart: No

5 Things

Things You Can Hear Right Now: The TV
Things on Your Bed: Allen and Cooper
Things You Ate Today: Nothing yet.
Things You Can’t Live Without: My husband and the kitties
Things You Do When You Are Bored: stitch, watch tv, surf the net, read.

4 Places You Have Been Today
My bedroom, the kitchen, the family room, the bathroom

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now
Computer, wireless router and a giant stack of CDs

2 Choices
Black or White: Black.
Hot or Cold: Hot.

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die
Stop worrying so dang much. In the event that that doesn’ work out…do the Brother Cadfael (one of my favorite literary characters) tour in England.



  1. Oooo, your Celtic Winter is developing a mighty fine skirt!!

  2. CW looks fabulous! The fabric you chose really makes it pop. Wasn’t this week awful?! My kids had Mon, Tues, and Fri off. I am so glad that’s over!

  3. Your CW is looking great!

  4. I love brother Cadfael too! A tour of UK with reference to the books would be neat. Now I see why you like Derek Jacobi too.
    Celtic Winter is looking lovely. I was looking though my stash the other day and found Celtic Christmas – what a surprise – I forgot I’d bought it!

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