Posted by: ralphy36 | October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!! I am sitting here blogging and …

Happy Halloween!!

I am sitting here blogging and waiting for all the little witches and devils to show up at the house in search of candy. I hope they come because we have a boat load of candy. If not, my office will be swimming in candy until the end of the school year….well, at least until the end of the week:)

Allen and I made it safely home from our little jaunt to southern VA to visit his dad and grandparents. Despite the long trip, it was a nice visit. Allen’s grandparents are sweet. Allen drove with his granddad to Lynchburg to by a TIVO for them, then spent the rest of the weekend setting it up and teaching them how to use it. Now Granddad can tape all his soaps without the hassle of tapes. I meanwhile, did a lot of knitting and played through most of Castlevania on Allen’s Nintendo DS. On the way home we stopped to she my BIL’s new min-pin puppy and my MIL’s new kitten. They were both adorable and each had a very angry new big sister:)

When we got home, not only were there two sweet kitties waiting for me, but also a bunch of stash. In one package I got the following:
Qsnap extenders
Desert Sunset Sampler by Black Swan and
Eastern Shore Sampler by Jeanette Douglass
I am still waiting on two samplers by Drawn Thread, but apparently there was a distributer change which caused a bit of a delay.

In the second package, I got the new exclusive Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy. I first saw her on Bunnyhead‘s site, but like her, was a bit put off by the price. But love of stitching fairies won over. When she arrived, I was actually quite surprised by the content. It was alot nicer than most kits that you see. In addition to the chart, it came with a nice size piece of 32 ct Natural linen, 12 full skeins of Crescent Colors threads, one full card of White whisper, 2 packs of mill hill beads and a small baggie of #4 braid. Judging by the pattern, you will probably have a fair amount of several of the colors left over to use on other things šŸ™‚ Everything came with its original tag and there was no sorting…YEAH, especially after spending time at a stitching party helping another stitcher differentiate between, lite gold, gold, medium gold, burnished gold, etc.



  1. Congratulations!!! I love that kit too šŸ™‚ I just got word a few days ago that a friend is sending it to me too – it sounds so impressive, and now seems worth the money šŸ™‚

    Re: Jeannette Douglas, do you mean the East Coast Sampler? I had not heard of an Eastern Shores Sampler, but would love to see it! I have the East Coast one from the retreat – it was called Mystic Sampler in 2003 when I got it – still haven’t stitched it though – LOL!!

    Your kitties must be very glad to see you guys! Glad you had a good and safe trip!

  2. That kit does seem worth the expense now that I know it comes with more premium fibers and fabric. It’s such a cute piece. Can’t wait to see you work on it and follow your progress. šŸ™‚

  3. I love that kit – can’t justify purchasing it just yet – just wait till you show us your WIPs then I won’t be able to stop myself!

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