Posted by: ralphy36 | October 28, 2005

Cooper and Zoe say thanks to everyone who was conc…

Cooper and Zoe say thanks to everyone who was concerned for them. They are well back to their old selves, except Cooper still has a horse meow and their paws seem itchy where the fur is growing back. Their teeth look beautiful and white.

For those who asked, Cooper and Zoe both have yellow eyes and are from the same litter. They were rescued along with their three siblings in April 2002 by the Northern Virginia SPCA. Their siblings, two orange tabbies and a tortoise shell were very outgoing and were adopted very quickly. Cooper and Zoe were very close and were going to be adopted together, but no one seemed to want them because of Cooper’s extremely shy personality. They were 8 months old when Allen and I came along(I love black cats, even shy ones) I still can’t believe anyone would turn these two down. They are so cool. I do have to say that Cooper spent a significant amount of time behind the toilet for the first month he lived with us and Zoe scared us by trying to learn how to fly off the loft on several occasions, but they quickly became loving, wonderful pets. I can’t imagine life without them. (The pics to the left are with their other littermates. I think that in the top pic, Zoe is the one in front with the tilted head and Coopy is behind her.)

As for telling them apart, Cooper much taller and longer and weighs four pounds more than Zoe. He is very sleek and has a long pointy nose. Zoe is our teeny-weeny and has front legs that are way too short. Allen always jokes that they were twins and the egg didn’t separate right, thus explaining Cooper’s extra long legs and Zoe’s stumpy front legs that make her sit funny. Zoe is also much fluffier than Cooper and has a round Ewok face. Unfortunately, when they are getting into trouble, all you see is a black blur and yellow eyes.

Well, the kitties are going have to hang out by themselves this weekend. Allen and I are off to his grandparents house. It will be nice to see them, but no stitching for me. I will bring a blanket that I am knitting. I only work on it when we visit his family. I have been working on it since Allen and I first started dating. Maybe this will be the weekend!!



  1. Oh, I am a sucker for tiny kittens. Look how adorable they are! That’s so nice that you kept them together. What beautiful cats. 🙂

  2. So cute!! I can tell your kids apart – it’s easy. We have the same deal here – one sibling is much bigger than the other 🙂 Good luck, I hope you finish your blanket!!

  3. Awww they’re all so cute. Sometimes, as I found out, the shy ones can make the nicest pets.

  4. Awww – they are so little!!! How adorable!

    I got your package today, Leslie – thank you so much! One more design I need to fit into my schedule! lol

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