Posted by: ralphy36 | October 26, 2005

Poor Kitties My sweet little babies had a rough …

Poor Kitties

My sweet little babies had a rough day today. We took Cooper and Zoe to the vet today to have their teeth cleaned. They had to be put to sleep and have an IV. They came home around five this evening and despite their ordeal, have been very sweet and loving to both Allen and I. To put in the IV they had to shave their little paws and they had little pink bandages with hearts on them. I hate it when we have put our furbabies through something so uncomfortable to keep them healthy. Cooper is in the top pic and Zoe in
the bottom.



  1. Aww, poor little babies. Nice to see they don’t hold it against you! If you hadn’t mentioned who was who, I would have thought they were the same kitty! lol

  2. What beautiful cats! They look identical in the pics, are they from the same litter?

  3. awww, the poor kitties. My Nicky often has the same expression on her face that Cooper has in his photo.

  4. Aw, poor babies!!!! Very cool that the vet let you take pics there 🙂 Your babies know you and your DH will comfort them – and of course you did – lucky furbabies!

  5. Poor babies! They both are very beautiful. Are their eyes the same colors? I ask, because that is how we tell the difference between our 2 black kitties.

    Have a Great Weekend!

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