Posted by: ralphy36 | October 11, 2005

Be nice computer… Maybe the compter will be nic…

Be nice computer…

Maybe the compter will be nicer to me than it was last night. Let’s give it a try. Today was a bit boring. I had the day off for Columbus Day, but since DH is away at a conference, it was not much fun. Plus many friends work for places that didn’t get today off. My day consisted of laundry and grocery shopping. I also did some shopping for organizational stuff for my cross stitch. I went to the new scrapbook shop which had really nice, thick plastic zip storage bags. They are very sturdy and have a handle. They are also bigger than the large size ziploc bags so they will work well for keeping my WIPs organized. I also bought two binders and some sheet protectors for my charts. Many of them are out of magazines and get easily wrinkled. Hopefully this will keep them neater and will make it easier to find what I am looking for.

After dinner, I pulled together the thread and fabric (32 count Bay Leaf Jobelan) to start the wedding sampler for my friend Rob and his wife Elana. The have been married for 18 months, but better late then never. I started on the bottom band and I am really loving it. The GAST Pine is so vibrant. This is going to be a Holiday gift for them and I really hope they like it.

Currently, I am playing on the computer and watching the Angels/Yanks game. The Angels are currently winning, YEAH!!! Have I mentioned that I hate the Yankees. I was planning on going to bed at 11 tonight, but seeing as it is almost 10 and only in the fourth inning, that may not be happening. Oh well, so I will be tired for group in the morning.



  1. Hi Leslie – Sure, Earth Angel is yours!! I cannot find your email address since my laptop got a virus about three weeks ago and we wiped it clean 😦 Please email me using the email link in my blog and let me know your address. I don’t want anything in trade – I just want a good home for the chart 🙂

    Go Angels!

  2. Which wedding sampler is it that you are stitching for your friends?

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