Posted by: ralphy36 | October 9, 2005

AAAAHHHHH, I hate computers…there was a lot more…

AAAAHHHHH, I hate computers…there was a lot more stuff here until blogger decided that I had some HTML error. STUPID thing. Well, it is too late type it all again so Monday Madness will actually have to wait til monday or is it already monday. But, before I go, I will get back at Cooper for spurning me yesterday. Cooper just farted really loud and stinky (Zoe is not pleased)…HA he is not perfect.

Quick post…

Had some wonderful mail yesterday. Most of the kit for Chatelaine Mystery IX came, YEAH. The kit is still missing one thread, but they will send it once they get it in stock. I can’t wait until this project starts!! Here are pics of the package. I love the way they wrapped this. (Edited for absurdity: I also just noticed that I need to do a better job with some of my pics. Please note my husband’s lovely right elbow in the picture below. Isn’t it adorable:)



  1. What a great package!! When does the Mystery start?

  2. Mmmm, you are really making me want to sign up for this now!! I do plan to, but figured I would sign up closer to the holidays when I have extra pin money to spend 🙂 EXS does package the kits up nicely, don’t they??

  3. Oh that is a lovely packaging! Getting something like that would get me fired up too. 🙂

  4. Those are some pretty colours! I am always in awe of the colours Martina uses. Can’t wait to see your stitching!

  5. Lovely new package! Hope you enjoy stitching it.

  6. WOW, yummy package 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You’re welcome RE: your comment on my blog-I am HAPPY to have you as part of the SBEBB 🙂

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