Posted by: ralphy36 | October 8, 2005

I Spurn You!!! Cooper was nice enough to join me…

I Spurn You!!!

Cooper was nice enough to join me on the couch last night but would not look at me long enough to take a good pic of my handsome little guy. He was being super friendly, particularly while I was trying to set up my bills to be paid this month. His purr was sooo loud!!

Eventually he got tired of me trying to take his pic so he completely gave mommy the cold shoulder:) After the camera went back into its case, he was back on top of my bills looking for pets.

On the sports front, I was sad to see the Red Sox get knocked out of the playoffs today. Well at least the Angels are still holding their own against the Yanks. Right now they are one run up on the Yanks in the fifth. Hopefully they will pull this one out…maybe it will really start to pour and they will call the game (One can only hope) I will be doing a super duper New York area rain dance. Also, after a year on hiatus, hockey is finally back. I love the Caps and hockey is great for when I am cross stitching and either there is nothing else on the TV or Allen is not home to amuse me. Tonight they got their butts kicked by the Atlanta Thrashers (they lived up to their name tonight), but hopefully they won’t suck all season.

As for this weekend, I have a three day weekend, but it may not be too much fun because Allen will be at a conference for most of it. I am going to hang out with mom on Sunday which will be fun!! I will probably watch a lot of baseball and chick flicks and get some good stitching done. Definitely will not be spending any time outside though. Today, I almost drowned walking the twenty feet between the car to the front of my office building. My pants were soaked all the way to my knees and by the time they dried, gee, it was time to go out on a home visit:( Sounds like it is going to be like this all weekend. We will probably get more rain this weekend than we got all summer. At least the lawn will be happy.

On a stitching front, I am making good progress on OWM. Here is my progress as of 15 hours. I am hoping to get the green in the words on this page done tonight while I watch the ball game. I am loving stitching this project and may have to stitch it again (one for Allen and one for mom).

Oh well, the Yanks just tied it up, but Cooper just showed up to make mommy feel better:)


  1. OWM is looking great, Leslie :)I look forward to watching this one come to life 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. That map is going to be HUGE! I just checked out the link to it and wow! You’re making great progress. What a cutie your cat is. Their little personalities are so funny.

  3. yep, it’s going to be a great weekend for stitching and snuggling with our cats. We watched a little of the hockey last night too. I can’t wait to see your progress on OWM, it’s an awesome project!

  4. Too funny! My kitties refuse to pose for me too!!! Your Olde World Map looks great!!!!!! I have that in my stash and am going to use an antique parchment type Silkweaver Solo for it…. will enjoy watching your progress!!! Thanks for the kind words about the Red Sox. I am not mourning them at all…. there is always next year – and I hope the Orioles do well next year too – I like them as well! Go Angels!

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