Posted by: ralphy36 | October 1, 2005

CW update… Here is a pic of CW at 20 hours…ye…

CW update…
Here is a pic of CW at 20 hours…yeah:)

October Goals

I thought I would go ahead and post some stitching goals for the month of October, so here they are:

1. Continue on Celtic Winter SAL
2. Continue Woodland Fairy
3. Continue Olde World Map
4. Start Wedding Sampler (I finally got the final bit of thread that I needed)
5. Start Dreaming of Tuscany
6. Enter a stitching exchange or round robin (hopefully I will get me acceptance to Stitching Bloggers exchange soon)

Also some non-stitching goals:

1. Finish Mark of a Murder so that I can get it to mom to read (sorry for taking so dang long)
2. Start up supervision for my clinical license again after a month hiatus
3. Start studying for my LCSW exam. (If all goes well I will take it over winter break)
4. Work on finishing the master bedroom
5. Exercise and lose five pounds

Hopefully, I will stick to these goals.



  1. Welcome to the SBEBB, Leslie 🙂
    I look forward to having you aboard 🙂

  2. CW is looking great. BTW Tag! Check my blog to see.

  3. Your CW is looking good!

  4. I love how your Celtic winter is looking!
    What a great start you have made.

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