Posted by: ralphy36 | September 29, 2005

Out of the Funk… I am not sure what is up this …

Out of the Funk…

I am not sure what is up this week, but I have been in a bit of an all around funk. I haven’t done much on anything beyond the necessary. Oh well. I am feeling better today so I am going to get on the stationary bike while I watch Joey on the TV in the basement and then pull out CW while I watch Survivor and CSI on the Tivo. Allen got home early, so we get to watch them together this week Yeah!! Hopefully I will get some good stitching done tonight.

Booking Through Thursday


I’m posting this a little early as I know right now I’m not going to be able to do it on Thursday. I’m borrowing the inspiration for this from something I saw in a blog about five or six months ago. So, here goes.

Pick up the book that is closest to where you’re sitting right now.

  1. What are the book’s title and author? A biography of Henrietta Maria (wife of Charles I) by Allison Plowden
  2. Turn to page 127. Locate the third paragraph, first sentence. Type that sentence here: Panzani presented his letters of credence and proceeded to assure her majesty of the ‘extrodinary respect’ which both the Pope and Cardinal Barberini felt for her, and their appreciation of the fact that so much ease had been procured for the English Catholics by her influence (Wow that is a long sentance)
  3. Does the sentence make sense out of context? It would make more sense if you had more background on the people mentioned in the sentance.
  4. Seeing it sitting here by itself, out of the book, is it funny? Sad? Strange? Does it make you want to explore its source? It reminds me how much I enjoy reading history and about other times and culture. I have always enjoyed learning about what was behind decisions, events etc.
  5. Are you currently reading this book? Why? Not currently reading this book. I just got it for my birthday from my sister. It is one of the next on my list to read though….which is why it was so close to my stitching/computering spot:)


  1. I can’t wait to veg out and xstitch to my fav must see TV myself! Hope the exercise helps with the funk. I always feel so energized after a little aerobics. 🙂

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