Posted by: ralphy36 | September 26, 2005

Is the weekend over already?!?! Didn’t get much s…

Is the weekend over already?!?!

Didn’t get much stitching done this weekend, but did do some other fun stuff. Friday night, Allen and I got to hang out for the first time all week. We watched CSI and some other miscellaneous TV before going to bed. Saturday, after a trip to the eye doctor, we spent the day goofing off. Allen played a few new video games while I played with a computer program that hopefully will help me keep track of my charts and materials with out having to rummage through stuff all the time. I hope this will help me keep things cleaner and more organized. After that we drove up to Maryland to have dinner at the Melting Pot with my parents for my mom’s birthday (Happy Belated Birthday mom!!:)) It was very yummy with lots of good company.

Today, we slept in and then watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy while eating a yummy breakfast. It was pretty funny. I guess I should go back and reread the book. I read it once a few years ago. Allen has read all the books multiple times. After some obligatory cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking, we sat down to watch National Treasure. Considering what I was expecting, it wasn’t too bad. Now we have two to send back to Netflix. I’ll have to see what is next on our rental list.

Well, off to wrangle Allen away from the PS2 and put sheets on the bed before sleepytime.



  1. Oh, I love me some Melting Pot. That place is so much fun. I thought the same thing about National Treasure. It was better than what I expected. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend!

  2. Leslie, I posted this on Bunnyhead’s blog and thought you might be interested too.

    If you are interested in getting together with some other VA/DC/MD stitchers we are having a GTG on October 22 in Alexandria. There are usually around 5-8 of us and we generally just eat, stitch and chat. The thread giving the details is on the Teresa Wentzler BB

    Or else, email me at

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