Posted by: ralphy36 | September 14, 2005

Update: I just won an ebay auction for Scent of O…

Update: I just won an ebay auction for Scent of Old Roses by Mirabilia. Bad Leslie:)

I continued to work on WF tonight. I am really enjoying stitching it. I worked more on her dress and added some branches and leaves on the right side. I also decided to transfer the piece to a Q-snap frame. I have never used one before and as I am doing bigger and bigger pieces that don’t fit on the scroll frames that I have, I have wanted to explore other options. I bought an 11×17 q-snap today and as I stitch I will be able to see almost the entire image as I stitch without doing much moving around. The finished size is a little wider than the frame. It feels a bit long to stitch using the stand that I have, but I know from experience that it is too uncomfortable for me to stitch without a stand (doing tons of typing at work, my wrists get sore holding the frame in my left hand). Despite the minor issue with the length, I think I may like the q-snap better than a scroll frame even after only and hour stitching. I wish I had found it earlier, but the local Michael’s has never carried them and AC Moore only just opened. We shall see how this experiment pans out.

The reason for the q-snap purchase is that I just signed up for Chatelaines Mystery IX that starts in January. I am really excited about this project. I have done many large and intricate projects with varied stitching techniques, fibers and beading, but I have never stitched with silk threads before. Depending on how bills play out in the next week, I may go ahead and order the kit now to familiarize myself with the materials. Does anyone have any suggestions on how you kit your silk or other specialty fibers for projects? Do you use bobbins or just leave it how you purchase it? I use stitchbows for DMC, but am not sure if that will work with other fibers?

Well back to a little more stitching before bed!!:)



  1. Congratulations on your new Q-Snap!!! I adore them, but also like my scroll bars too. You might want to get a 17 x 17 Q-Snap and maybe a set of extenders for when you do Mystery IX. Martina’s samplers are usually around that size on 20 x 20 belfast…. unfortunately, I don’t think they kits will be ready for a little while yet. European Cross Stitch sent out emails to those interested to let us know some materials are still delayed…. happens frequently with Martina’s kits… she uses soooo many various kinds of fibers in her kits. I might be doing that mystery too – my friend Karen in Australia owns Dragonfly Dreams there and has pretty much talked me into it – I could stitch along with you, hmmm, getting more appealing now 🙂

  2. I love my qsnaps too! For specialty threads like silks I keep them in the little floss bags that you can buy at craft stores. I’ve always been a bit nervous putting them on bobbins but I’ll be interested to hear what others do.

  3. Hi! I came across your blog via Carols 🙂 I’ve been thinking of Q-snaps myself. I hold the big old stretcher bars in my left hand it is sure gets heavy fast.

  4. Hi again! Thanks for visiting my blog! I was just flipping through your finished project album and I wanted to as what is the very first picture in your album, the one in the same picture with Celtic Spring? It is really stunning!

    PS— I’m in Prince William Co now, but I used to live in Chantilly and I visit your fabulous outlets at least a couple times a year!

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