Posted by: ralphy36 | September 3, 2005

Yeah it is the weekend!!!! After work on Friday, …

Yeah it is the weekend!!!! After work on Friday, Allen and I took a long nap as he was not feeling very well. Then I made his a veggie burger and I think he is feeling a little better now. After dinner we watched reruns of Seinfeld and Jeopardy and a bit of the Orioles game. They were winning for once. While watching TV I got a chance to get about an hour of stitching done on CW. the Jobelin fabric I bought for this project is such a beautiful color and it is sooooo soft. I think I will really enjoy stitching this one. I know have all of my rotation pieces on frames ready to be worked on. i am just waiting for one more specialty thread for the wedding sampler and all will be set. Now that I have finished KW, I may also add a Tuscany kit by Dimensions that I bought at Cross Stitch N Frame in the Outer Banks. It is pretty small so will fit in well.

As for plans this weekend….we have none!! YEAH!!!! I like weekends with no specific obligations. Hopefully we can get some fun stuff done along with some more work on the bedroom. Unfortunately, Allen may have to work on Monday. i will miss him, but I will stick it out by poping in a chick flick and stitching. What a hardship!

Have a great weekend!!


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