Posted by: ralphy36 | September 1, 2005

Here is this weeks Stitching Bloggers Questions: …

Here is this weeks Stitching Bloggers Questions:

What do you use to hold your fabric while you stitch? A hoop, a Q-Snap, a scroll frame, something else, or do you stitch in hand? Have you always used just the one thing or have you tried one or more of the others? Which do you like best? Why?
I have used both a hoop and a scroll frame. I greatly prefer using a scroll frame as it lets me have more stitching area and there is no extra fabric flopping around. I also find that I keep more consistent tension with the scroll frame. The crease you get from using a hoop is also vexing to me.

Current stitching progress:
I keep saying that I will soon finish with Kitty Litter…when will it ever end. I swear that someone is coming along behind me and removing all my hard earned progress. AAAHHHH!!!! I really want to finish it so that I can get started on Celtic Winter. I did take a break from stitching last night to kit up all my fibers for Celtic Winter. I am missing a couple of colors and sharing a couple with my kit for WF, so I will have to head out to the craft shop this weekend. That always spells trouble:)

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