Posted by: ralphy36 | August 30, 2005

Another week of potpourri……. Have fun! …

Another week of potpourri……. Have fun!

1. Do you own a dishwasher (and if not, do you even want one), or do you have to do your dishes by hand? Definitely have a dishwasher. The week our dishwasher died at the condo earlier this year was a very sad week.
2. Do you put your dishes away immediately after washing them? Depends on when we start the load. If it gets started at bedtime, it is often the next day after work that the dishes get put away.
3. In the warm weather, do you like hanging your laundry out on the clothesline to dry, or do you prefer a dryer? With all of the humidity in Northern Virginia, I don’t think anything would ever really get dry if I stuck it outside. Plus, our yard is full of trees…sticky, moist clothes covered in leaves…sounds like fun:)
4. How many loads of laundry are done in your household each week? Two for clothes and one for towels.
5. Do you own a pet? If so, do you buy them presents for holidays? Do you consider your pet(s) spoiled? If you don’t own one, do you think you will one day? We don’t have pets, we have two furry four legged children (plus one who lives with grandma and grandpa in MD) and yes they are extremely spoiled. Not only do they get presents from Allen and I, but both our sets of parents send them holiday gifts as well. They also regularly get baby food for being cute.
6. It’s Friday evening and you’re planning your weekend. What’s on your agenda? Hanging out with my wonderful husband, stitching and lots of relaxing.


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