Posted by: ralphy36 | August 28, 2005

We have now entered and alternate universe… I a…

We have now entered and alternate universe…

I am not sure what is going on, but current kitty behavior suggests that something is gravely wrong (not necessarily in a bad way). While both our kitties are friendly and affectionate, Cooper is a big scardy cat and will not sit on the couch with Allen and I for fear of being “flanked”. Zoe on the other hand loves being cuddled and petted, but her general philosophy is “I am comfortable where I am so bring the loving to me”. For some bizarre reason, both cats have been displaying uncharacter behavior this morning.

When the alarm went off this morning, Zoe was right there waiting to sit on my hip meowing furiously for pets. Cooper was in his usual spot curled up with Allen and he didn’t chase Zoe off. This continued for about a half hour (a hundred times longer than Zoe usually spends in bed with us). The craziness continued as Allen and I settled on the couch for our usual Sunday morning routine and a very vocal Zoe hopped up on the couch between us. She settled, purred and drooled all over the couch…Yuck! Now Cooper is laying on the pillow between Allen and I and Zoe is exploring Cooper’s usual spot on the back of the love seat. 2.5 years of structured kittiness has just been turned on its head. What other wierd things will happen today?!?!?!?!

As for stitching, I stitched on KL for three hours yesterday. I am almost half way done. If I can get a good amount of stitching in, I should finish the project by tomorrow or Tuesday. I love seeing the progress percentages increase on the sidebar of the blog and the potential of actually finishing stuff in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully, we will also get some good work in on the bedroom today. We finished the first stage of spackling yesterday and did a test area of sanding. I think we have figured out the type of sandpaper we need to use. Today we will do some more sanding and maybe do a test spot of priming to see how well it covers all the spackling we had to do. Man I will be glad when that stupid project is done. I guess it was either do it or live with the horrible wallpaper for the next thirty years. I will have to post a picture of the hideousness the previous owner had put up in their master bedroom.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!


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