Posted by: ralphy36 | August 27, 2005

I am sleepy… …but I plug along anyway. For s…

I am sleepy…

…but I plug along anyway. For some reason sleep has eluded me over the last week. Oh well, it is the weekend and there WILL be lots of sleeping. Tonight, I took WF off the stand after 20 hours of work. I am very pleased with my progress. I have been a cross stitching fiend ever since finishing Maui sunset. Yeah me!!! Here is what I have completed on WF that I put away to play with another day.

After putting away WF, I broke out my kit for Kitty Litter. I worked for another two hours on that project and finished the right half of the border, the words “kitty litter”, paw print, rolls of thread and yarn ball. As my fingers are getting tired, I think I will pull out a book while I wait for Allen to finish his battle on Advanced Wars (he bought a Nintendo DS the other night, because he needs more video games) before going to be. Have a wonderful weekend all!!!



  1. Wow, your Woodland Fairy looks great – hope to see her again really soon!!

  2. Woodland Fairy is looking great. Keep up the good work.

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