Posted by: ralphy36 | August 23, 2005

Monday Madness Questions 1. When putting groceri…

Monday Madness Questions

1. When putting groceries away, do you rotate your food so your newest items (cans and such) are in the back, and older food in the front? No, I really suck at doing this which is mostly a problem with the fridge. I try and clean it out every week or ten days, but not always on a grocery day.
2. Do you own a digital camera? If so, how long have you had one? If not, do you plan to purchase one soon? Yes, Allen had a digital camera when we started dating in 2001 and we have gotten a new one since that time as well. I love it.
3. How do you store your precious photos? We upload any good pics onto at least one of our computers. Those that are worth making prints of I am working on scrapbooking. I have completed one of our wedding and plan on starting a pets one soon.
4. It’s 6:00 a.m. and you’ve just lost power due to a severe thunderstorm; they say it will probably take at least 12 hours before power will be restored; what do you do? On a workday, I would head off to work and hope there was power there. On a weekend, I would probably find a game to play or light some candles and read.
5. How many times a year do you (or does someone dear to you) wax your automobile? Now that we have a drive way and access to a hose, Allen and I will probably wax our cars five or six times during the year. Allen likes to pamper his cars.
6. Gas prices; what can we say except they’ve reached an all-time high. How are you dealing with this? My car gets good gas mileage, but since I do drive a lot between schools, I am more diligent in recording my work mileage for reimbursement. Otherwise, everything is so close to home (including family) that I don’t do too much driving every week.
7. Have you ever purchased a book or cd twice, forgetting that you already had it? Every once in a while. When we were dating Allen and I would frequently end up each purchasing copies of the same cds. When we moved in together, we found that we had duplicates of many albums.



  1. Hi Leslie, Oh we would love to have you in the Celtic Ladies SAL!! No rules – just a bunch of us stitching similar projects so we can chat about it and show our WIP pics, provide support for each other… and have fun 🙂 Are you game?? And, it is totally OK for you to be an Orioles fan too 🙂 LOL!!!!!!!!!


  2. I like this blog – what template is used? Thanks from an Advertising

  3. I used the Minima template on as the basis. I used my husband’s expertise to do some of the upgrades on tht side bar.

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