Posted by: ralphy36 | August 23, 2005

Back to work… Well, it was back to work today a…

Back to work…

Well, it was back to work today and boy was it hard to get up. Then it was an eight hour training on crisis management in a school setting. It was very depressing. The training leader is on a national crisis team and has responded to many of the school shootings over the last twenty years. It is sad to imagine what those students and staff went through.

On a lighter note, I have worked four more hours on Woodland Fairy. Only six more hours before it is time to switch to my next project (Wedding Sampler I think). I am stitching WF on 28 count tea stained Irish Linen by Charles Craft. I had ordered the Stoney Point Linen that Mirabilia recommended for stitching, but it was a bit slow in arriving. I just couldn’t wait so I grabbed what I had around the house. I think it looks pretty good. Last night I finished the left portion of the branch that WF is sitting on.


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