Posted by: ralphy36 | August 18, 2005

Home Again Well, Allen and I made back from the b…

Home Again

Well, Allen and I made back from the beach alive. We had a great time with my family at Busch Gardens and in Duck, NC, but boy was it hot. At Busch Gardens, it was almost too hot to want to do anything. The lines were long and sweltering and it was scary to see how many people ended up dehydrated. At Duck, things weren’t much better. It was too hot to sit out on the beach, but the water was too cold and rough to really go swimming. We ended up doing a lot of shopping at the local shops, read a lot and puzzled. I also browsed at the Corner Stitch and Frame in Kill Devil Hills. I bought couple of cat patterns. Allen started out bored (he is not much of a lounging at the beach person), but ended up buying a kite. He finally got it up and flying well the morning we were set to leave… I think he was a bit disappointed at that. It was fun to watch him running up and down the beach trying to keep the kite from crash landing on some unsuspecting runner though. The best thing about going down was having everyone together to celebrate birthdays (mine and my sister’s are both this week). BTW, Happy 23rd birthday today Becca. The kitties seemed to survive the long weekend without mom and dad and did not give my supervisor any trouble when she stopped by to check on them… I am sure she probably never saw Cooper (he is such a baby!!!)

As for my stitching, I didn’t quite get Maui Sunset done before the trip, but I did finish it this morning. here is the final product. Per Allen’s suggestion, I added some silver stars as there were always beautiful stars in the sky while we were on Maui for our honeymoon last June.

After finishing Maui this morning, I started Mirabilia’s Woodland Fairy. This will be the start of my rotation stitching to hopefully keep me from getting tired of certain projects and wasting precious stitching time. I worked on Woodland Fairy for about 3.5 hours while I watched Allen play Knights of the Old Republic on his Xbox. All in all a nice relaxing day at home. A few more days to relax before back to work/school on Monday. Hopefully it will be a nice and mellow year.


  1. Wow, what a stunning design. Congratulations on your beautiful HD.

  2. Your Maui Sunset project is gorgeous! (and so are your kitties)

    Looking forward to seeing an update on Woodland Fairy.

    Nice blog – and welcome to the world of blogging Leslie :o)

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