Posted by: ralphy36 | August 12, 2005

I have made some great progrees on Maui Sunset ove…

I have made some great progrees on Maui Sunset over the last two days. Especially with having the day off today. I am pretty confident that I will have it completed either this evening or tomorrow. Here are two pictures of my progress…one with the palm trees and one without.

After I get back from Busch Gardens and the beach I plan to start using a rotation plan. I will probably do ten hours for each block before rotating. Right now I am planning on having four projects in the rotation…2 big, 1 medium/small and 1small. To start the two large projects will be Mirabilia’s Woodland Fairy and Olde World Map by Janlynn. My two smaller projects are going to be Kitty Litter by Calico Crossroads and a Jewish Wedding sampler by Stitchers Heaven. The Olde World Map is something that my mom had picked out for me to stitch and the wedding sampler will either be a holiday gift or a second anniversary present for my friends Rob and Elana (depends on how fast I get it done). I am really looking forward to starting this rotation. Hopefully it will help keep away the boredom that keeps me from getting projects done as quickly as I would like.

Now off to the Beach!!!:)


  1. Your Maui sunset looks really good. Good luck with getting it finished!

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