Posted by: ralphy36 | August 10, 2005

Yippeeee!!i was able to get to Michaels after work…

Yippeeee!!i was able to get to Michaels after work yesterday and got the thread I needed. One more night and all the cross stitch will be done on Maui Sunset. Then all that is left is the long stitch for the palm branches. I can’t wait to see how it looks done. After I finish this project I think I am going to try doing a rotation system. I have already prepared Mirabilia Woodland Fairy and I might work on my seasonal dragons kit. I am not sure what to put in the third slot.

In addition to progress in the cross stitch world, i am also pleased to announce that I finished the first of my two required special education class tonight. FINALLY. If only the Board of Ed and Board of Social Workers could agree on their requirements for licensure. I guess that would be way too easy.

Also I am pleased to announce that Cooper the Cat has finally given the new couches his seal of kitty cat approval. Sunday night he looked so sad and wandered around the family room aimlessly, unable to settle. Last night he would get up on the back of the loveseat, sit akwardly and then jump down. Tonight Cooper is actually laying in what would have been his usual spot on the old love seat. He is trying very hard to squish down all the fluff. Fortunately, Zoe is not at all phased by any changes in the house. She is way to busy trying to find new ways of being cute. Yesterday we found her curled up in the back of Allen’s broken massage chair that is in the basement. If she has her eyes closed you can’t even tell that there is a kitty there. Next time I catcher down there I will take a picture. It is adorable!!


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